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Discover effective Dutch learning with our structured online courses. Ideal for international professionals.

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Dutch for Business

Achieve professional excellence with our structured Dutch courses, and extra focus regarding work-related scenarios.   

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From anywhere in the world, we work together to enhance your Dutch language skills. We adjust our structured courses to your needs.

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Our teachers thoughtfully design classes for young learners. Tailored to your child's learning style, with lessons at home or online.


Your personal account gives you easy access to lesson plans and assignments, while our clear class structures keep you focused, ensuring your success.


Embrace a purpose-driven journey. We design your curriculum methodically to guide you towards your objectives, ensuring a successful learning experience.

Student Centered

Our dedicated teachers personally engage to create a safe, supportive learning environment, ensuring your growth and success take center stage.

A word from Daphne

"When I started this company, I didn't realize how much we would help our students. Soon, I found out it's more than just teaching a language. It's about connecting our students to the Netherlands, whether it's their family, culture or integration.

During my master's studies, I learned more about different learning styles. Every learner is unique, and it's our responsibility to offer you the right approach. We design a curriculum that matches your style and your goals. 

Don't hesitate to set up a free online meeting with me. I would love to hear your story about why you want to learn Dutch and see if D-Scribe is the right fit for you."

M.Sc. Daphne Slaats

CEO, All-round Teacher

As the founder and chief visionary, Daphne is the driving force behind the company. She loves to keep her hands full with the development of courses, marketing, and enhancing customer experiences. On top of that, she's also our all-round teacher.

B.Sc. Amy Riley

Teacher Business & Adults

Amy's capacity to tailor the class to your needs is incredible. With her patience and structured approach, she guides you through the challenging aspects of the Dutch language. Amy primarily teaches professionals from international businesses.

B.E. Mylène Verweij

Teacher Primary Education

Mylène is one of those iconic individuals in life who can honestly say they love what they do. With years of experience in teaching children, she still feels excited when she sees your child making progress.

Lise de Grijs

Teacher Conversation Lessons

Lise, with her international experience and excellent social skills, keeps the classes interesting and engaging. Thanks to her kindness, our students feel comfortable in class, and she helps many to take their conversations to the next level.

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