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Nederlandse cursus A1.1
Nederlandse cursus A1.1

Learn to:

  • introduce yourself and others
  • ask and say how you are
  • use numbers 1-100
  • congratulate someone
  • talk about your family
  • describe someone’s appearance
  • use basic grammar: personal pronouns, conjugate verbs, plural of nouns
  • ask questions and make sentences negative
  • use about 400 new everyday Dutch words!

Nederlandse cursus A1.2
Nederlandse cursus A1.2

Learn to:

  • use common phrases while grocery shopping
  • talk about means of transportation
  • tell the time
  • talk about your house
  • talk about the past in the past tense (perfectum)
  • talk about your daily routine
  • use grammar: adjectives, auxiliary verbs (kunnen, mogen, moeten), words of frequency, comparative, separable verbs (inchecken) and word order with inversion
  • use about 500 new everyday Dutch words!

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Nederlandse cursus A2.1
Nederlandse cursus A2.1

Learn to:

  • talk about hobbies
  • go shopping for clothes
  • talk about food and speak with restaurant staff
  • give instructions on how to cook your favourite dish
  • make an appointment
  • talk about work
  • show uncertainty
  • new grammar: diminutive, the superlative, the future with “gaan”, making a suggestion with “zullen”, the imperative, conjunctions, deze/die/die/dat, the past tense of separable verbs (Ik heb mijn trui aangedaan)
  • use about 500 new practical Dutch words

Nederlandse cursus A2.2
Nederlandse cursus A2.2

Learn to:

  • talk about the city where you live
  • ask for and give directions
  • talk about what you did on the weekend
  • talk about school and education
  • have a telephone conversation
  • talk about your childhood
  • make a promise
  • talk about health
  • new grammar: indirect questions, er/daar, conjunctions (omdat/als), om te..,imperfectum, reflexive verbs (zich wassen), moeten/hoeven
  • use about 500 new practical Dutch words!